10 Mar 2020
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Logo and Your Brand: Everything You Need to Know

Your logo is the first thing people see when learning about your brand. It should accurately convey your brand and personality. This’s the reason all companies have logos. It separates you from your competitors, foster brand identity and grabs attention. Designing a great logo requires skills and an understanding of the creative theory and process.

If you’re not an expert designer, the Agema Advertising Group in Perth WA is a Digital Marketing Agency. It has helped many businesses create logos and brands that truly reflect their products and values. In this publication, we share with you everything you need to know about logos and your brand.

  1. Logos capture attention

Consumers have a short attention span because nowadays people are busy. Companies have a window period of two minutes to convince potential consumers that their product is worth their money. Your logo can help you inform your potential consumers about your product and the core values of your company. Logos help you do this in an interesting way.

  1. It creates the first impression

Your company’s logo creates the first impression. If designed well, your logo portrays you as an authority in your industry. A good logo is also evidence that your company owns the product or service your selling.

  1. A logo gives your brand identity

Branding your product or service means telling a story that appeals to customers’ emotions. A logo is the foundation on which your brand is built. When designing a logo, you should pick the colors, fonts and tones that conveys your story.

  1. It reminds consumers about your brand

People may forget the name of your business, but they’ll never forget your logo. A well-designed logo reminds people about your product and the feeling they get after using it.

  1. Your logo should be original and simple

It’s wrong to copy another company’s logo. This can lead you into trouble. However, it doesn’t mean that you can check out what your competition is doing for inspiration. Furthermore, if your company makes it big, the last thing you want is people confusing your logo with another.

Keeping your logo simple, makes it easy for people to recognize it. A good logo has few elements that accurately reflects your brand. It makes it easy to remember.

  1. Your logo separates you from your competitors

Your logo should be unique because it communicates the uniqueness of your business to consumers. A good logo informs consumers about the background of the company and its values like sustainability and commitment to conserving the environment.

  1. It encourages brand loyalty

Consumers prefer consistency and your logo communicates this. As your brand grows, your logo becomes popular among many consumers. Hence, maintaining a logo consistently creates the perception your’re accessible and trustworthy. For example, most people would be ready to purchase sports gear the moment they see a Nike label on it. Your logo helps your customer seek you and find you repeatedly.

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