22 Apr 2020

Why SEO Is So Important for Your Online Success

Search engine optimization refers to the practice of increasing website visibility in organic (non-paid) search results. It ensures that visitors find your website in popular search engines such as Google, Binge and Yahoo. Search engine optimization includes a variety of techniques that makes it easy for search engines to index your site. The Agema Advertising Group is a Digital Marketing Agency located in Perth WA that has helped thousands of businesses succeed online through SEO.

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03 Apr 2020

Why and How to Set Up Your Instagram Business Profile

In 2016, Instagram launched a business version. Initially the platform offered a simple free version that enabled users to upload pictures and write a short bio. Things have changed now and more businesses, corporation and influencers have Instagram business profiles. The business profile includes extra features like contact buttons and an analytic page. The Agema Advertising Group is a Digital Marketing Agency in Perth WA specializing in creating Instagram business profiles. Read on to find out why and how to set up your Instagram business profile.

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22 Mar 2020

Social Media Strategy and Planning Essentials Series

A strategy is an outline of the tools and techniques you’re going to use to accomplish a goal. A social media strategy refers to the manner your business will use social media to attain its marketing and revenue goals. The plan simply states the goals you want to achieve and the strategy you’ll use.

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10 Mar 2020
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Logo and Your Brand: Everything You Need to Know

Your logo is the first thing people see when learning about your brand. It should accurately convey your brand and personality. This’s the reason all companies have logos. It separates you from your competitors, foster brand identity and grabs attention. Designing a great logo requires skills and an understanding of the creative theory and process.

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05 Mar 2020

Google Ads or Facebook Ads: Which One is Right for Your Business here in Perth WA?

For big companies and medium-sized enterprises, paid advertisement may be the way to go. Done correctly, paid advertisement can lead to spikes in your revenue. Google and Facebook Ads are the biggest paid advertisement providers in the market. To know the type of paid advert suitable for your business here in Perth WA, it’s good to understand how each type works.

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22 Feb 2020

Digital Marketing and Social Media: Why It’s Important for Australian Businesses?

Based on the Sensis report on social media, 99% of Australian use a device that is connected to the internet. Seventy-six percent of these people access the internet through their smartphones. If your business already has presence on social media, then congrats because your ahead of your competitors. However, to get impressive results contact the Agema Advertising Group, a Digital Marketing Agency in Perth WA, Australia.

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10 Feb 2020

Content Writing and Fresh Content Is Key for Your Website SEO Goals

Meeting your SEO goals means making your website easy to find in popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Content is the key in meeting your SEO goals. Content allows you to insert the relevant keywords in strategic places. When search engines scroll your site, they index the keywords. This enable search engine bots to retrieve your site every time someone types a keyword that matches the product or service you’re offering.

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03 Feb 2020
Brand strategy

Building A Brand Strategy: Essentials for Long-Term Success

Building a brand for your business entails all the activities and techniques you use to popularize the products or service you’re offering. Branding your business doesn’t mean coming up with logos and other branding materials. The key to branding your business is coming up with creative messages at the right time and place. If you’re not a digital marketing expert, consider hiring one.

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30 Jan 2020
Social Media Marketing Perth

10 Tips to Building a Better Social Media Presence

Modern small and medium-sized businesses don’t shy away from social media. Based on statistics by the Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 93% of small business owners use Facebook. Another 79% use Twitter while LinkedIn is used by 71%. Businesses are embracing social media marketing, but it’s not only about creating a social media account. Growing social media presence is an activity that requires careful planning and execution.

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22 Jan 2020
Social Media Management Agency Perth

10 Reasons You Need A Digital Marketing Strategy In 2020

Digital marketing is no longer a preserve of multinationals and companies with enough resources to launch online campaigns. The importance of digital marketing to your business cannot be overstated. More than 43% of business have a digital marketing strategy. Having a digital marketing strategy gives you control over marketing campaigns. This leads to higher conversion rates, higher profits, and business growth.

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