22 Mar 2020

Social Media Strategy and Planning Essentials Series

A strategy is an outline of the tools and techniques you’re going to use to accomplish a goal. A social media strategy refers to the manner your business will use social media to attain its marketing and revenue goals. The plan simply states the goals you want to achieve and the strategy you’ll use.

The Agema Advertising Group is a Digital Marketing Agency in Perth WA. It has helped many businesses create effective social media strategies. Creating and posting content alone is not enough for success on social media. Read on to find out social media strategy and planning essential that are crucial for your success.

Before creating a social media strategy, it’s important to ask yourself five crucial questions:

  • What reasons bring your business on social media?
  • Who are your target audience?
  • What type of information are you going to share with your audience?
  • Which platforms are you going to use?
  • When will you be publishing fresh content?

After answering the above questions, you can proceed to create a social media strategy. Basically, a good social media strategy should have the following:

  1. Strategy statement

A strategy statement is a short accurate statement that stipulates the aim of your social media campaign. The statement is broken down into bullet points. Your strategy statement should stipulate precisely the techniques you’re going to use and what you aim to achieve.

  1. Contextual analysis

Contextual analysis needs you to state your current position on social media if any and the strategy you plan to use. For instance, an international company may have the aim of using a fragmented approach to social media.

  1. Goals and objectives

A good social media strategy includes goals and objectives. In the goal and objective section, you should state the criteria for your SMART objectives. The criteria you pick should be measurable because you’ll be using them to measure your progress.

  1. Potential challenges

Your social media strategy should have a section that stipulates the potential challenges you’re likely to face. You should also state potential solutions. For example, in social media campaigns you should state the potential challenges you’re likely to face.

  1. Target audience

The section clearly defines who you would like to reach through social media. This needs you to have demographic data on your target audience. Your target audience is defined by the services/products you’re offering.

A comprehensive social media strategy clearly states how your business will use the power of social media to achieve communication goals. A social media strategy is a basic statement of intent capturing measuring goals to be achieved.

A social media strategy is a must if you’re interested in capitalizing on online sales. The decision to buy online is heavily influenced by the social media. Initially, businesses were using social media mainly to engage potential customers. Now, the focus has shifted. Businesses are going online with the aim of advertising and selling. This is the reason social media channels are introducing tools to accommodate businesses.

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